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What is the largest flower on Earth?

For the title of champion in flower size can compete two types of angiosperms. They could be contenders for the prize in the contest of the most unusual plants on Earth.

The first contender is the rafflesia Arnold (Rafflesia arnoldii), which grows on the Islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan.

Rafflesia Arnold

The diameter of the colors of rafflesia - 60-100 cm (maximum recorded size - 106, 7 cm), and weight is up to 8-10 kg of Flower rafflesia consists of five fleshy petals, covered with a light warty spots. Each petal has a thickness of about 3 cm and a length of about 46 see the Smell of a flower-a record matched only by his appearance: he smells like... rotten meat!

The fact that the pollinators of rafflesia - not butterflies or bees and dung flies. The smell of rotting meat attracts them. Not the last role, I guess, has the appearance of a flower: bright red background are light irregularly spaced spots of irregular shape.

Due to the fact that the area of tropical forests are rapidly declining due to mass deforestation for plantations, all kinds of rafflesia are under threat of total destruction.

If the rafflesia Arnold holds a palm width of the flower, the height of the champion among the flowers is Amorphophallus Titanic (Amorphophallus Titanium). Other names Titan Arum, corpse flower, snake palm, the voodoo Lily. It comes also from the island of Sumatra. Inflorescence of Amorphophallus consists of an elongated ear and a Cup of-"curtain". It reaches a height of 2.5 m and a width grows up to 1.5 meters In natural conditions, the largest ever found flowers reached 3.3 meters in height and weighed 75 pounds. Giant Amorphophallus can exceed in diameter the rafflesia.

Amorphophallus Titanic
Amorphophallus Titanic

The smell of the giant, as you might guess by its name ("corpse flower") is no better than rafflesii, is the smell of rotting meat. However, for pollinating insects smelly flower (beetles, padalnyh flies) this scent is very attractive.

During pollination, the flower not only smells, but is heated to approximately 40 degrees (according to the observations of scientists, giant flower even able to change the ambient temperature a few degrees).


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