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What is the size of the largest pearls in the world?

The largest pearl in the world is considered the "Pearl of Allah", extracted in 1934 in the South China sea near the Philippine island of Palawan pearl-oyster shell, of a weight exceeding 300 kg (the weight of the clam did not exceed 30 kg, the rest is the weight of the shell).

The history of the discovery of this gem is tragic. may 7, 1934, the residents of a local tribe discovered the loss of a young 18-year-old leader of Atama. It turned out that he was killed when another dive for pearls was a prisoner of the giant clam - tridacna. When etem reached for the sink, tridacna instantly slammed doors, tightly clutching the hand of the guy. The young man was unable to release the arm and float to the surface. The body of Atema raised up on the ropes along with snail-killer and began to release his hand from the captivity of the mollusk. Here they found in the shell of a huge pearl. The weight of this pearl - 6,35 kg, size - h see She had an irregular shape with many convolutions, like the human brain.

The pearl of Allah is on the side
The pearl of Allah - side view

The shape of the pearl resembled a human head in a turban, for which the local Mullah and called it the "Pearl of Allah".

Head of Allah - pearl-giant
The Pearl Of Allah

Unfortunately, this pearl is not a pearl luster, which significantly reduces its value, but it is deservedly listed in the Guinness book of records as the largest pearl in the world.

Another name for this pearl - the pearl of Lao Tzu. Legend has it that the founder of Taoism, the Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu once instructed his disciple to instill jade amulet engraved with images of Buddha, Confucius himself in shell pearl mollusk. This Lao-Tzu wanted to demonstrate that if the three ancient sage with different philosophical views can coexist peacefully in one clam, can coexist and all mankind. He ordered his followers to guard and keep the amulet in the shell of a mollusk for four years. This has lead to the establishment of peace and harmony on Earth. But instead, they braved the pearl from one mollusk in the other, every time you sink a larger size, because the pearl is constantly growing.

Pearl giant gave rise to many wars, and in 1750 it was sent from China. The pearl in the clam was transported by boat. During the storm she was lost near the coast of the island of Palawan.

From this legend, the world was introduced to the American archeologist Wilburn Cobb. In his article about this jewel he told me that when she was on exhibition at the Museum of Ripley in 1939, there was a certain Mr. Lee stated that precious exhibit - long lost pearl of Lao-Tzu and told this legend.

The pearl of Allah and Wilburn Cobb
American archeologist Wilburn Cobb with the pearl of Allah.
According to Cobb, he gave this gem in 1936 for the fact that he saved the son of the leader of Dajaks from malaria.

Experts agree that the story of the pearl of Lao-Tzu is just a fairy tale. They estimated her age - not more than 600 years, whereas Lao Tzu lived 2400 years ago.

Victor Barbish daughter
Victor Barbish with her daughter.
Victor Barber and Peter Hoffmann bought the pearl of Allah for 200 000$ after the death of Cobb.

Currently, the pearl of Allah, experts estimate that 40 million US dollars. The owner of the pearls Victor Barbish put her in the underground vault of one of the banks in the United States (the exact location he keeps secret), where it is still kept in the dark. Journalists Barber told that a few years ago came to him bin Laden's people with the request to sell the pearl for $ 60 million to give it to Saddam Hussein. Barber, he said, refused bin Laden. According to Viktor Barbie, he wants to sell the pearl, and donate it to some large state Museum, where the gem will be able to enjoy millions of people.

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