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At different time travelers claimed to have seen or heard from witnesses about snakes length of 30-40 meters, living in the Amazon. However, from a recognized reliable is the maximum length of a giant Anaconda that measured one Colombian geologist in 1944, who studied the jungles of Colombia in search of oil deposits. He claimed that he found the instance had a length of 11 meters 43 inches. This instance of the snake save failed: according to the researcher, stunned them snake after measuring growth recovered and crawled away. Thus, more no one saw her. However, this result is officially recognized and listed in the Guinness Book of records.


Moreover, although the new York Zoological society in the 30-ies of XX century announced a prize of $ 1,000 to those who show evidence of the existence of anacondas over a length of 12.2 metres, the prize remained unclaimed. Later former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt increased the prize to $ 6000, and the desired length of the snake, however, reduced to 9.12 meters. At the moment the award amount is $ 50,000, and the length is 10 meters, and the reward is still waiting for his hero.

The average length of the giant green Anaconda is 5-6 meters, some individuals reach 8-9 meters.

Today's longest snake on Earth is reticulated Python, living in Asia.

Reticulated Python
Reticulated Python

According to unconfirmed reports, Python-record holder, who lived in one of the Japanese zoos in the 80-ies, had a length of 12 meters 20 centimeters. However, officially the longest instance, is listed in the Guinness Book of records, is Python caught in 1912 on the island of Celebes (Sulawesi) in Indonesia. Its length was 9 meters 75 centimeters. The largest reticulated Python in captivity - female Samantha length of 7 meters 50 centimeters, which was caught on the island of Borneo. She died in 2002 at the Bronx Zoo (new York). After her death the laurels of the record passed to the Python Fluffy, pet herpetologist Bob Clark, who lived in the zoo, the Columbus (Ohio, USA). Its length was 7.3 m, and weigh about 135 kg Fluffy died in 2010 at the age of 18 years due to an internal tumor.

Reticulated Python Fluffy
Lifetime photo Fluffy

The average length of the reticulated pythons - 4-8 meters.

Thus, Anaconda and reticulated Python still compete with each other for the right to be called the longest snake on Earth.

The largest snake on Earth neathway. Their prey they kill by strangulation, coiled around her tight rings. It is also worth mentioning about the possible dangers of these snakes to humans.

Giant snake attacking intrepid adventurers in a remote jungle and eating people - a favorite subject of many adventure stories. However, contrary to the imagination of the writers, the Anaconda is not dangerous to adults. The attacks of snakes giants on single people and caused, as a rule the fact that the serpent did not calculate the forces or made a wrong assessment of the size of a man, seeing under water only part of his body. No one had seen a snake that could swallow prey weighing more than 60 kg, But these snakes can be dangerous for children and teenagers; known attacks reticulated pythons on child fatalities. However, despite its huge size and aggressiveness, reticulated pythons are often kept in terrariums.

Attacks on human anacond also isolated. George Dahl, exploring the jungles of South America, wrote: "I was asked, dare I meet in the forest boa. I sincerely can say that one ten times met them in the forest, and they, in my opinion, not more dangerous Amateur sausages. Boa and sausage equally aggressive. To the boa began to get angry, it is necessary strongly to tease. Often their displeasure he expressed a loud hiss. And if you will then pester boa, it can bite you like a vicious dog. And not once will let you own thin, recurved teeth". (Anaconda belongs to the subfamily of Boas; in the old literature of anacond called also water-Boas, as they lead an aquatic way of life).

It should be recognized that giant snakes suffer much more from the man than the people from them. First, in many countries they are eaten. Secondly, their skin with nice patterns used for making shoes, handbags and other fancy goods.

Hunting for a water boa
Hunting for anacondas

In many zoos around the world contain giant snakes and they usually do not show any aggressiveness. Living in the wild, pythons, reaching up to 6 m or more can of course be dangerous to humans. However, when attacked or want to grab, they are protected by the fact that try to bite, and almost never try to throw your opponent with your rings so they do the only prey that are going to eat.

The largest of the venomous snakes on Earth - king Cobra (Hamadryad)living in South-East Asia and India. The largest instances king Cobra reach 5.5 meters. The average size of these snakes is 3-4 meters.

King Cobra
King Cobra

By the way...

Measurement of snakes is not an easy task. Of course, the most accurate results will be obtained if the snake to stretch out at full length. But for large snakes such an unnatural posture, and "unfold" itself to measure such a strong animal will never give. Dead snakes body Kostanay, so that should make the measurement more difficult. As for the measurements taken of the skin, while it's fresh, it may increase by as much as 20%! And since snake leather is sold by the metre, hunters snakes usually do not forget to perform this procedure.



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