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Our planet can state, with a population of just 800 people. It is called the Vatican city and is situated on the banks of the Tiber river in Western bowls of Rome, on the hill of Monte Vaticano. The area of the Vatican city is only 0.44 square kilometers, and the edge line is equal to 2600 meters.

Though the Vatican and the tiny state, but it is a sovereign, independent; there is a coat of arms, flag, army, press and TV. Home Vatican city - Pope, who is also the head of the Catholic Church. The population consists of clerics, guards, priests, monks and nuns, who keep order and protect the Pope during his public outputs.

St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican city
The Cathedral of St. Peter in the Vatican



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2011-07-24 14:13:45
You are right, Alena, wrong guy: the area of the Vatican to 0.44 sq. (this 440 00 sq m) Number of population on tausi time also also said.
And you have very good living conditions compared to the average Russian family ))
2011-07-24 06:06:51
Probably still miles and not m
2011-07-24 06:04:50
There is not enough 440 squares for 300 people?
our apartment 100 squares for 4 people...
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