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In the early 60-ies of XX century the population of one city was shocked by the message that he gradually disappearing under the water. This Is Venice. The news that the city every year falls to 2.5 mm, and is located in the centre of Venice statue Campo San Stefano already plunged by 13 centimeters under the water, forced to think of the residents about the future.

Venice is 118 scattered in the lagoon of Islands that are connected by bridges and ferries. Islands coalesced into a single organism that has evolved from separate pieces of sushi in a holistic and delightful city. Occurred on the swampy, marshy Islands, the city became one of the most powerful and bright empires of the early middle ages.

The fact that Venice is gradually disappearing under the water, discovered by the ancient settlers who were forced to rebuild the city twice, going to the higher Islands. During the XX century Venice quickly (up to 5 mm) was immersed in the lagoon, in the land submerged by 23 see

What is the cause of this trouble? Guilty industrial water from artesian wells and, as a consequence, the lower aquifer of the earth. The well was closed, and the subsidence of Venice has slowed, but not stopped. According to scientists, Venice could become uninhabitable as early as 2028.

Venice trying to save. Developed the project "Moses", which is planned to construct an airtight barriers around the city.



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