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Do you know that the length of the middle finger of the person is equal to the length of the palm?

The distance from the wrist to the elbow bend, multiplied by 4, is 1 step.

The length of the arm from wrist to elbow is equal to the length of the foot.

The length of elongated side arms will be equal to the height of a man.

And the distance from the roots of the hair on the forehead to the tip of the chin is equal to 1/10 of human growth.

The biggest shoulder width is equal to 1/8 of growth. Stop human is 1/7 part of its growth.

The distance from the tip of the chin to the nose and from the roots of the hair to the eyebrows in the same way. And the length of the ear is equal to 1/3 the length of the whole person.

The proportions of the human body. Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci
The world-famous drawing by Leonardo da Vinci's "perfect person" ("Vitruvian man"), exhibited in the Gallery of the Academy in Venice. This figure is both scientific work and the work of art; it is often used as a symbol of the internal symmetry of the human body and the Universe as a whole.



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