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Plants that attach themselves to the tissues of other plants and extract water and nutrients are called parasites. Most parasites are attached to the root system of the host plant, although some prefer branches or stems.

The mistletoe title=Probably, many have drawn attention to the trees, obscured globular clusters, which are especially noticeable when the branches have no leaves. Many people confuse them with the nests of birds, and this is actually the mistletoe - a plant-parasite living off the juices of those plants on which it grows. Mistletoe demonstrates an amazing ability to put down roots in the growing tree, and to gain a foothold in it. All plant hard, woody, and its leaves like hand thin cardboard.

One of the most common plant-parasites - this dodder, which starts its life is very unusual. Its seed germinates in the soil and produces a tender shoot, and like countless other plants. But the similarity ends there is a young stem, quickly flattening, performs a circular motion until you come into contact with any adjacent plant. If it is appropriate, the dodder stem wraps itself around him, penetrating inside their suckers (haustoria). After fixing the first dodder stem dries up and breaks the bond dodder soil is interrupted, and now it becomes completely dependent on the host plant.

Epiphytes are plants that live on the trunks or branches of trees and get their nutrients from the environment. Water and nutrients, without which epiphytes may not exist, like other plants, come to it in different ways. There is a nest epiphytes, whose roots are intertwined so much that they become traps for crop residue, getting them decompose. Bracket epiphytes are the leaves of the cavity, similar to the pockets. There are tank epiphytes, which water accumulates in the rosette leaves. And then there are the epiphytes that live on trees, but its roots reach the ground, where they take nutrients.



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