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The most ancient of higher plants, occurring on our planet now, are spikemosses. Moss today is not as diverse as in ancient times, when they extensively inhabited our planet millions of years ago, these plants were found all over the country, sometimes forming impenetrable thickets of several meters height.

The height of the trunk of the Paleozoic, now extinct, tree moss reached 30 meters!

All modern representatives spikemosses, and there are about 1 thousand species, is a perennial herbaceous plants, often evergreen. The stems have long moss, creeping, with the growth they are established by means of adventitious roots. Shoots most of the plants of this group is covered with spirally arranged small leaves - microvilli. Apical shoots over the ears, in which the spores Mature. Often moss spores germinate even after 3-8 years after the rash.

Moss clavate is named so for a special thickening, "kidney" at the ends of the shoots in the form of a Mace, which is pronounced in winter and spring, when the plant is "asleep".



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