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Where does snake venom?

Poison fangs of the snakeIn the temporal part of the snake heads are glands that produce venom. From these glands poison channels comes in two tubular tooth located in the upper jaw. Some snakes the length of these teeth reaches 4-5 inches. When this snake is calm, her teeth pressed against the sky like a folding knife. At the time of the bite of the teeth are straightened and come forward. When this snake causes with their help lightning strike. The Cobra, the teeth are deep in the mouth and reach a length of just 6-7 millimeters. To hit the victim, Cobra widely opens his mouth, grabs the prey and Razgulyay her. If the snake accidentally break poisonous teeth, in their place new grow.

All animals are somehow susceptible to snake bites. But, for example, hedgehogs are capable without any consequences to tolerate very high doses of snake venom. Similarly enviable qualities nature has endowed pigs from snake bites protects a thick layer of subcutaneous fat, very poor blood vessels and therefore prepyatstvuyut spread of the venom.

Poison fangs of the snake

(!) First aid for poisonous snakebite

The victim should be put to bed, to ensure the immobility of the bitten arm or leg, put it on her bus, give him drink plenty of warm. Harmful and dangerous these "treatments"as banners, searing, intake of alcohol.


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