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Where the spiders take the web?

In the abdomen of spiders there are numerous web glands. Their ducts open tiny spinning tubes, which are at the ends of the six spider warts on the abdomen of the spider. The spider garden spider, for example, such tubes around 500-550. Spider glands produce liquid viscous secretion, consisting of protein. This secret has the ability to harden in the air. Therefore, when the protein is the secret of spider glands is released through the spinning tube, it solidifies to form a thin filaments.

1. Spider garden spider (to open the abdominal cavity)
2. Spider warts spider

The spider begins to spin his web so: he presses spider warts to the substrate; however, a small portion of the emitted secret, freezing, stick to it. Then the spider continues to extrude viscous secretion from the spider tubes by means of the rear legs. When it is removed from the place of attachment, the rest of the secret is simply stretched in a rapidly solidified filaments.

Spiders use webs for various needs. In spider refuge spider finds a favorable microclimate, there he is hiding from enemies and the elements. Some spiders entwine web wall of the hole. The web of a spider spinning a sticky cobweb net to catch prey. Egg cocoons, in which the eggs develop and the young spiders are also made from the web. The web is used by spiders to travel from her little Tarzana weave a safety thread, which protect from falling when jumping. Depending on the purpose of use spider can allocate sticky or dry filament of a certain thickness.

Chemical composition and physical properties of the web close to the silk of silkworms and caterpillars, only it is much more durable and elastic: if the load break for caterpillar silk is 33-43 kg per 1 mm2, for the web - from 40 to 261 kg / mm2 (depending on species)!

The web can provide other arachnids, for example, spider mites and ionosorption. But the real skill in weaving the web has reached spiders. After all, it is important not only to be able to do the web, but to produce it in large quantities. In addition, the "loom" must be located in the place where it is convenient for them to use. Logroscino and spider mites raw material base web is located... in the head, and weaving machine - oral appendages. In terms of the struggle for existence, preference is given to animals in which the head is heavier brains, not the web. Are spiders. The abdomen of a spider is a spider factory and spinning devices - spider warts formed from atrophied abdominal legs on the underside of the abdomen. Yes and legs spiders just "gold" - they spin so cleverly that they can be the envy of any lace.


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