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Where do earthworms?

This question was sent to us by Eugene from Moscow. We rephrase the question: where are the new earthworms? In other words, how do they reproduce?

Earthworms reproduce by means of eggs. You must have noticed that sometimes in earthworms on the front end, you can see the bulge - the band:

Band an earthworm


This band is used for carrying eggs.

Earthworms lay them in the earth in a special cocoons. In optimal conditions, the worm lays such cocoons every 5-7 days!

The cocoon is an oval elastic capsule and resembles a lemon. The color of fresh cocoon - light yellow, ripening brown. The diameter of the cocoons from 2 to 4 mm In each cocoon develops from 2 to 20 eggs. Hatched worms as thin as threads, length 1 mm, But after a week they grow up to 4-7 mm.

How is reproduction in earthworms

Earthworms are hermaphrodites, meaning each worm has both female and male sex glands. However, this does not mean that the earthworm can fertilize itself. The structure of its reproductive system and behavior completely prevent it.

Breed earthworms cross-fertilization, that is, two individuals exchanging seed. It happens so.

Worms spasayutsya towards each other and attached to the abdominal parties. When this band of each worm is located opposite simpleminimap partner and secretes mucous clutch. These couplings are firmly connect the mating worms.

Reproduction of earthworms
Reproduction of earthworms

Then both of the worm produce sperm, which is a contraction coming abdominal longitudinal recess to the belt and into the clutch. Simplemente begin to swallow cum and fill someone else's seed. After that, the mating ends and the worms crawl. There was an exchange of seed, but before fertilization is still far away.

After some time, from several hours to several days, the worm again highlights the glands of his belt new clutch, this time next cocoon. The worm then starts to shrink and move the clutch to the front end of the body. When the clutch is 14 segment, there they lay eggs, and then, with the passage of the 9th and 10th segments, from simpleminimap squeezed stored seed and fertilization occurs. At the moment of slipping from the head end of the worm sleeve is converted into a cocoon, where the development of eggs. Inside the cocoon the embryos feed on the protein substance of the cocoon. Leave the cocoon already fully Mature worms.

(this material is for the guys began to study at the school of Zoology; for younger children it may be not very clear due to the complicated terminology).


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all very easy and affordable! now your child can explain! thank you.
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Cool, for the presentation helped very Much
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thank you very much! have satisfied their curiosity in full! we have a full yard of worms that live a weird one for us life.
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in biology helped thank you
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your site is good
Alexander Nikolaevich
2012-11-24 04:40:40
Briefly, clearly. But for the future - key words (egg-shaped lemon-so color) must be accompanied by a picture fotoi. Would be perfect.

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