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Where in the cheese holes?

In one of the films silent films with the participation of Charlie Chaplin is a funny episode. Great actor, playing the role of a waiter, before you serve the dish with cheese, drilled holes in it... rotation. So he wanted to give not very good cheese for first-class - Swiss. Jokes aside, here's the question, why some varieties of cheese, including Swiss, there are holes, really curious.

The manufacture of cheese known to man since ancient times, the process is complicated. How cheese was made by the ancient Greeks, described in detail in his poems even Homer. However, in the time of Ancient Greece biochemical essence of the process of cheese making was still unknown, because before the discovery of microorganisms remained for many centuries. But now it is no secret that a large role in the maturation process of different types of cheeses play harmless bacteria, fungi, mold. They give the finished product a specific taste, aroma and appearance. And cheese makers skillfully manage all stages of this complex, time consuming process. And different varieties of cheese today, literally thousands.

Spicy cheese Roquefort, for example, Matures under the influence of a special mold that forms in it the characteristic streaks, and also defines an incomparable taste. In the manufacture of Swiss cheese involved bacteria, which are called propionic. Not only do they lend a sweet taste, but also make holes in it. Of course, not just during their life bacteria produce carbon dioxide bubbles which break the layer of cheese.


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mouse Wisla
2014-01-16 12:07:21
I thought the holes in the cheese making mouse.
2013-08-14 13:31:56
I love cheese
2012-12-25 19:49:36
Cheese hunt.
The Tatiana - (9)
2012-03-26 04:05:01
Just super!Especially about Spicy cheese!!
A comprehensive answer!
2011-01-11 11:19:50
A comprehensive answer!
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