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Hummingbird is truly a haven for birds. They live in America, I live among the flowers. Their weight is measured in grams: the smallest weighs 2.5 grams, and the weight of the large - 20 grams. Amazing is not only the size of these birds, and the bright plumage, the shades of which vary depending on the angle of incidence of the solar rays.

Hummingbirdsmeanwhile eat these tiny birds for two. During the day they can eat food 2 times its own weight.

Feed hummingbirds flower nectar, sucking him literally on the fly, which is possible due to the long tubular tongue, which they stick on the beak. They love and insects, which also catch on the fly.

Hummingbirds fly with great speed - almost 80 miles per hour.

With nightfall hummingbirds are hung upside down and fall into more like numbness: the body temperature falls from 43 to 14-20 first rays of the sun these babies are ready for an active life.


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