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Where most gold?

The answer to this question may seem surprising. It turns out that precious metal that is required now is not only jewelry, but also for the latest in technology, most not in the land and in the water. More precisely, in the World ocean. There are so many of this item, that every inhabitant of the Earth would have about a ton, unless, of course, would have been able to extract gold from seawater. By the way, the first attempts of this kind have already been done. First of all it tried to do German scientists, then Japanese, then American. However, as with any technology of obtaining gold from sea water is more expensive than the precious metal.


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2013-04-09 16:08:21
I didn't know spaseeba
2012-07-31 14:05:38
super!!I really liked it!
2012-07-31 14:04:03
didn't even know that is in the water in General there is a treasure
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