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In the South and South-East of Venezuela is located in the Guiana highlands. Here on the river Tsurumi, a tributary of the river Carrao, is the highest on Earth angel falls.

The waterfall opened relatively recently - in 1935 and bears the name of its discoverer - American pilot James angel (angel - so English pronunciation of the word angel. In Spanish Ls language Angel reads like an angel, so the name of it is). The Indians also called the waterfall Apama, or Maiden eyebrow. Angel drops down from the top of the plateau Owen-Tepui (which means "devil's Mountain"). This massif is composed of porous Sandstone, has a height of 2600 m, ends abruptly steep rocky wall. The water of angel falls and breaks on the rocks from a height of 1054 m - a truly fantastic sight!

Angel was open so late because it is located in one of the most remote and inaccessible corners of the Earth. The approaches to the wall overlaps Selva is a dense tropical forest. It was first discovered in 1910 Explorer Ernesto Sanchez La Cruz, but he failed to attract the attention of the world community to its opening. Angel got into this place, circling the area in search of gold ore. His monoplane Flamingos stuck in a swampy jungle on top, and he noticed a pretty impressive waterfall going down hundreds of feet. He tried to land the plane on Auyantepui, but when landing, the plane was damaged when he broke one of the wheels of the plane. Down expedition to the mountains on foot, and this trip took 11 days. He gets to the nearest post office, the angel announced his discovery National geographic society of the United States. The news spread very quickly. And the waterfall was named in his honor. Jimmy angel did not find gold, but his name was immortalized. On the Latin American maps waterfalls often referred to as Flip-angel, i.e., "jump angel". The last years of his life, angel spent in Venezuela, died in 1956, and bequeathed to dispel his ashes over the waterfall its name.

And the plane remained lying chained to the mountain and lay there for 33 years until it was lifted by helicopter. Currently he is in the Aviation Museum in Maracay.

Angel falls has long been available only for the most persistent researchers jungle, but already there is a tourist excursion to the waterfall through the air (on a small light plane) or on the water (canoe).


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