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When there are firearms?

The first firearms were used in 1232. Spanish knights, freeing the city Algeciras captured by the Arabs, used devices, of which the thunder and smoke at a great distance off the stones.

The development of arms production began only after the Europeans learned the secret of the manufacture of gunpowder. In China gunpowder was known for a long time: a mixture of charcoal, saltpeter and sulfur was used in V-VI centuries ad for fireworks during the holidays.

The first long-barreled guns appeared in the middle of the XIV century. At about this time, began to cast a custom kernel. Dresses advanced the core of gunpowder, got the bomb (it happened in the beginning of XVI century), which destroyed the walls and destroyed the soldiers of the enemy. It was invented firearms, plushie spherical lead bullets.

In the nineteenth century appeared shrapnel: it was a shell filled with a mixture of gunpowder and bullets. Torn in the air, the projectile could hit a target over a large area.

Weaponry is constantly evolving. Soon was invented rifled projectile. Rotation, which he made during the flight, has greatly enhanced shooting accuracy.


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2012-09-09 11:04:08
Yeah,in the 6th century gunpowder did...for fireworks... and only to the 14th century thought, what weapons to use))
I.e. 12-13 generations of people either haven't fought...or were fools))
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