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When people started to drink tea?

Wild tea bushes can be found today in the mountains of China. How people thought that the leaves of this plant can be brewed with boiling water to obtain an aromatic and tasty drink, now no one will know. But the ancient Chinese written sources indicate that 5 thousand years ago wild tea has managed to cultivate and began to be cultivated on plantations. Hence, already in China, drinking tea.

This drink is not only delicious, but useful and uplifting. The first Europeans who visited China in the Middle ages, is also appreciated his qualities of dignity. However, the Chinese kept the secret as the tea plant itself, and the way it handles its leaves. But the finished product is as cut and dried "tea leaves" starting from the XVI century, China began to set in Europe.

And still to a certain Englishman, who lived in China, managed to find out what this plant is and how to handle it leaves. Price almost detective tricks he even managed to get tea seeds.

So the British began to grow tea in their colony of India. Later it was discovered Indian variety of wild tea. Having studied its properties, English breeders not only cultivated it, getting famous Indian tea, but crossed with the Chinese. The resulting new variety was grown mostly on the island of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). So he became known as Ceylon tea.

In Russia, tea is known since the seventeenth century. It was imported from China, bringing the caravan tion roads through Mongolia and Siberia. And how did he become popular can be seen by the fact that drinking tea was specially invented the samovar.


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2014-03-26 14:28:59
as I know in Russia it was known in the 18th century
2013-12-23 18:29:39
visiting a lot of useful and interesting information! Thank you! Huge!
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