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At what age we begin to feel the smell?

Although the fetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid, he can already smell! Of course, he could not breathe. Molecules that carry odors, soak a cloth to his nose.

Immediately after birth the baby may not feel smells, because during the first day of his nasal cavity is still filled with amniotic fluid. This is similar to the common cold in adults. The smell wakes up as soon as this "cold" is about a couple days after the baby was born.

Dr. Jacob Steiner from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in their experiments, asked a group of adults to choose from a large set of smells the most pleasant and the most disgusting. The most enjoyable was the smell of honey, followed by banana, vanilla and chocolate. Smells of rotten eggs and rotten shrimp subjects called the most disgusting. Then Steiner brought tampons to these smells to the noses of babies born a few hours ago. They smiled, feeling a fresh smells, and grimacing, smelling rotten. The smile caused a smell of honey, the most active "sour" face - the smell of rotten eggs. Thus, the choice of newborn children was the same as selecting the adults, although they have not yet even tried mother's milk, that is, had no idea about food.

Newborns are able to recognize the smell of breast milk and to distinguish it from the milk of other women, ranging from 6 days of age.



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