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When cats became Pets?

Until recently it was believed that the first cats were tamed by the ancient Egyptians and it happened about 2 thousand years BC. The fact that it was at this time include the most ancient prehistoric mummies of murki and their images on the papyri and the walls of the temples. It is well known that cats were used in Ancient Egypt great honor and even entered the Pantheon of Egyptian gods, where they represented the Bastet, Sekhmet and other deities.

There was, however, the assumption that the first cats were domesticated much earlier, when people began to move from a nomadic lifestyle to a settled and began farming. We had to fight with rodents that ate the grain, and this was perfect cats. Such assumption seems to be supported by the fact that already about 8 Millennium BC pictures of cats began to appear on the rocks and pottery. But indisputable proof it still was not because our ancestors could not portray domestic, wild furry animals attracted ancient artists with their beauty and grace.

And finally, most recently, there was undeniable evidence that domestic cats live side by side with a man almost ten thousand years. In the town of Sillo-roombas on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus French archaeologists have unearthed the burial, which, judging from the found sea shells, axes, flint implements and polished stones, pieces of ochre and other ornaments, belonged to a noble and rich man. And nearby there was a small tomb in which was buried the cat. Apparently, it is not just lived in the house of this man, and was his favorite. Scientists have even managed to establish its breed - it was a spotted wild cat.

Archaeologists have no doubt that the cat was buried with all the honors, or its skeleton would have not survived so well. Moreover, both man and cat are parallel to each other, with their heads facing West. Apparently, according to ancient customs it was specifically put to death after the death of the owner, to accompany him in the afterlife. It happened nine and a half thousand years ago!


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