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What is the soup?

Many people think that the soup is very nutritious dish, And actually in a broth of nutrients is only slightly greater than in pure water. In the bowl of broth nineteen tablespoons of water and only one spoon any other substances. If the broth is boiled down on the stove until all the water has gone, at the bottom of the pan is almost nothing left.

The bowl of soupIf a bowl of soup to take to the lab and do the analysis, it appears that, in addition to nineteen table spoons of water in the soup spoon 1/4 fat, 1/4 spoon of glue, a little salt (not only the ordinary salts, but other salts), and the rest is "flavorings". So call that part of the meat, which makes it tasty and which when dissolved in boiling water.

But not only in the soup - in everything we eat much more water than it seems at first sight.

In vegetables the water so much that they are light as down, if they are dry. Kilogram of meat water about 700 grams. In potatoes the same.

When Papanin was going to the North pole, he came to the Institute of public catering engineers and asked that he and his companions made this lunch, which would be enough for a year and a half and which weighed almost nothing.

This lunch was made: took a ton of meat, vegetables, fruits, huge boilers broths and soups and boiled away the water from them. Without water, all the food was quite easy and fit a few dozen tin cans.

Based on the book M. Ilyin "Tales of things"


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