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What is ear sulfur?

1. The substance in the ear - this sulfur?

Although this substance is called ear grey (but in English it is called earwax - ear wax!), with a simple substance called grey, it has only external similarity and remote:

Sulfur (simple substance)
Sulfur (simple substance)
Ear sulfur
Ear sulfur

2. Where does ear sulfur? Is it true that the ear sulfur is a mess?

Ear sulfur - in any case not dirt. Earwax is produced by special glands, which are located in the outer third of the cartilaginous part of the ear canal. These glands are called sulphur; they are modified sweat glands. In each ear canal is about 2000 sulfuric glands, and in a month they produce 12-20 mg light honey shade. Function earwax protection from bacteria, fungi and insects, as well as hydration, lubrication and cleaning of the auditory channels. Because the ear is one of the most sensitive areas of our body, moreover, it is quite open to external influences and infection.

3. What is ear sulfur?

The secret of sulfuric glands consists of proteins, fat-like substances (mainly squalene, lanosterol and cholesterol), fatty acids and mineral salts. Part of earwax, except this secret, consisting of dead skin cells, hair particles ear canal, sebum. Ear sulfur is viscous, sticky substance and therefore it perfectly captures the alien objects that get into the ear, bacteria, dust, and other contaminants, and outputs them to the outside.

The protective function of earwax is ensured not only its physical properties. It has a slightly acid reaction (pH 4-5) is just such that inhibited the growth of bacteria and fungi. Bactericidal properties of earwax also ensure it contains immunoglobulins and the enzyme lysozyme.

Ear sulfur is withdrawn from the ear in a natural way - by the movements of the lower jaw during chewing, talking, coughing). The skin of the ear canal is constantly growing. He shifts outward, starting from the eardrum. So cleansing the ear canal from sulfur and foreign phone

Interestingly, ear sulfur people can have dry and wet, and the type of earwax genetically determined: dry sulfur is prevalent in people of the Mongoloid race, and the Europeans and Africans ear sulfur wet. Dry sulfur differs from humid low content of lipids (fat-like substances)

4. Whether you need to unclog ears from sulfur?

To clean the wax out of hearing of the passages is not only necessary, but also harmful. Enough to wash only the ear and the area of the entrance to the ear canal, not penetrating inside.

It is especially dangerous to use a cotton swab to clean the ears of excess sulfur.

  • Firstly, getting a stick in the ear canal, you violate the natural self-purification process of the ear canal. Ear, devoid of natural protection - sulfur, are more prone to infection.
  • Secondly, wielding a stick in your ear, you thereby stimulating the work of sulfuric glands!
  • Thirdly, stick you condense sulfur and contribute to the formation of earwax.
  • Fourthly, you may achieve the opposite effect: not to scrub sulfur, and push it inside.
  • Fifthly, you may damage the ear drum and to lose hearing.


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2014-06-05 23:48:59
In General, the author writes about anything that is not clear.
In the first place. Sulfur can and should be clean. But without fanaticism. without penetrating deeply inside the ear. Secondly there is the main Principe hygiene. They who are not cancelled. Ears cleaned as well as the mouth.
rpar 7654
2014-02-14 21:01:21
BE! but the material is good
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