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What are aerosols?

Aerosols are tiny particles of solids or liquids present in the air in suspension. They are so light and small that they do not fall to the ground. Air flow not allow them to settle.

Dust, smoke, fog - it's all natural aerosols. Dust and smoke consist of suspended solids. The fog is droplets suspended in air liquid. We often see the fog over the sea surf, near waterfalls and fountains. They are formed as a result of the air dispersion fine particles of water.

Aerosol particles are characterized by their radius. The radius of the largest is 20 micrometers, the smallest have a radius of less than 0.1 micrometer. They, of course, will not see with the naked eye. One cubic centimeter of air contains about 30 thousand specks of dust.

According to its chemical and mineralogical composition of aerosol particles is very diverse. For three quarters they consist of inorganic substances. It's everything that rises into the air from the surface of the earth and descends from space.

Pollen in the air during the mass flowering of any plants (e.g., birch, poplar) is also an aerosol.

Live organic suspended in the air is also called aeroplankton. He's very agile and rises to a height of up to 70 kilometers. At this altitude discovered microorganisms in the atmosphere by cosmic missiles.

AerosolFirst microorganisms in the air was found by French scientist Louis Pasteur. This confirmed the assumption that the spread of communicable diseases by air. In the spread of infection is guilty of microbes aerosols, which allocates the patient when sneezing and coughing.

But there are aerosols, treating disease. Sprayed medicinal substances are used for the prevention and treatment of diseases. They are usually produced in the gas cans. In the same spray release spray paint, which is applied by spraying. Sprinklers (nozzles)that are used to spray deodorants, toilet water, hair spray, sprayers for plants - they all work on the principle of creating and spray aerosol.

Even in ancient times in Russia for disease control used the aerosols. The room where the patients were located, was fumigated with smoke, burning for this herb.


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