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What are ceramics?

Most likely you've wondered what made the Cup from which you drink, the plate from which you eat, or wash basin in the bathroom? All this pottery.

The word "ceramics" comes from the Greek and means "earthenware". Generally under ceramics imply the common name of various materials, which is obtained by sintering clay and other mineral supplements. The clay powder mixed with water, forms a viscous dough. This test can easily be modified to any shape. If the finished product burn in a fire, it will become strong and firm.

The clay reserves in the nature of large and distributed everywhere, so even in very ancient times it was used. For many centuries before our era, people have learned to sculpt from clay pots. Ceramics is the first material, man-made artificially. The Neolithic era, when people learned to make pottery (ceramic) ware called the "age of clay pots or clay century".

The first pottery was not burned, but only dried in the sun and were not very durable. Ceramic products have become much stronger after applying firing.

Of course, the first pottery was far from perfect, but pottery was developed. Over time, people learned to make pottery and porcelain.

By the way...

Until recently, the most ancient in the world of ceramic tableware was considered to be the dishes, the remains of which are found in the Amur region. It is about 15 thousand years. However, more recently, in southern China, archaeologists discovered fragments of pottery, whose age is more than 20 thousand years - the peak of the last ice age. This finding refutes previous scientific theories, according to which humans moved from hunting and gathering to agricultural activity after the invention of pottery - about 10 thousand years ago. Found Chinese pottery suggests that pottery was in use even before the spread of agriculture.


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