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What is faience and terracotta?

Before the invention of porcelain the most valuable ceramic material was faience. It was named after the Italian city of Faenza. In its vicinity in the middle ages it was widely developed pottery. To this day Faenza he is a major center for the production of ceramics.

The pottery is mainly for the manufacture of sinks and tubs. It always glaze, because it is quite porous.

Another type of pottery, but the rough is terracotta. Translated from the Italian terra cotta means "baked earth". Products made of terracotta have been known since the Neolithic era - more than 5 thousand years ago. They were made in the form of plain unglazed ceramic products. For the manufacture of terracotta products use special varieties of clay, which after firing becomes porous and have a reddish-brown color. Use terracotta mainly in the construction for the interior decoration, decoration of gardens and parks.


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