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What is berry?

In everyday life we used to call berries juicy fruit garden trees and shrubs.

And from a scientific point of view, very often we are wrong!

Berries in botany is a fruit of the plant, which contains a lot of seeds and which has a juicy pulp, formed from the ovary. The fruits are berry kind, are of the following types:

What is berry?- the actual berries (blueberries, blueberry, cranberry, cranberries, currants, grapes, gooseberries);
- Apple (in addition to apples, this group includes pear, mountain ash and other);
- melon (watermelon, melon, pumpkin, squash);
- orange (citrus fruits).


1. Tomato, eggplant is also berries.

2. Cherry, sweet cherry, plum, apricot, peach, is not berries. The fruits of these plants drupes, and the culture is called stone.

3. Fruit raspberries, blackberries aren't berries. They are composed of many small kastanek, which grow together into one complex fruit - mnogochastny.

4. And strawberry with strawberry - not berries! Despite the juicy pulp and many seeds. The fact that the strawberry fruit - these seeds are actually tiny nuts. Accordingly, the fruit of the strawberry is mnogooreshek. Moreover, in the formation of the "berries" strawberry participates not only the ovary, as in real berries, juicy strawberry is enlarged receptacle. Therefore, morphologically the fruit of the strawberry is a false berry.

5. Another example of a false berry - rose. Only he has the nuts are inside the fruit, and not outside, like strawberries.


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2014-03-19 20:04:42
wow mom said Zelenika not berry was surprised here I have learned so much thanks a lot
2014-01-27 18:17:36
Super...understood in biology
2012-12-02 20:34:11
And I!!
2012-12-02 20:33:07
I learned so much here!
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