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What is the first cosmic speed?

In order to overcome the force of gravity and bring the spacecraft into Earth orbit, the rocket must fly at a speed of not less than 8 kilometers per second. This is the first cosmic velocity. The device, which reported the first space velocity, after separation from the Earth becomes an artificial satellite that is moving around the planet in a circular orbit. If the device to inform a speed less than the first space, then it will move on a trajectory that intersects a surface of the globe. In other words, it will fall to the Ground.

The shells A and B reported rate lower than the first space - they fall to the Ground;
the C shell, whereby said first space velocity will come to a circular orbit

But for such a flight, you need a lot of fuel. 3A a couple of minutes jet engine eats his whole railroad tank car, and in order to give the rocket the necessary acceleration requires a huge train fuel.

Gas stations in space there, so you have all of the fuel to take with you.

Tanks with fuel very large and heavy. When tanks are empty, they become unnecessary burden for missiles. Scientists have invented a way to get rid of unnecessary weight. The rocket is going as a designer and consists of several levels, or degrees. Each stage has its own engine and its fuel.

The first step is heavier than all. Here is the powerful engine and more fuel. It should move the rocket and give it the necessary acceleration. When the fuel of the first stage is used up, it is detached from the rocket and falls to the ground, the rocket becomes easier, and she did not need to spend extra fuel for transportation of empty tanks.

Included with the engines of the second stage which is less than the first, because it needs to spend less energy on the ascent of the spacecraft. When tanks of fuel will be wasted, and this step will leave us" from the rocket. Then will come into effect in the third, the fourth...

After work last stage of the spacecraft is in orbit. He can fly around the Earth for a very long time without any fuel.

Using such missiles go flying astronauts, satellites, interplanetary automatic station.

Did you know that...

The first space velocity depends on the mass of the heavenly body. For mercury, the mass of which is 20 times smaller than the Earth, it is equal to 3.5 kilometers per second, and for Jupiter, the weight of which is more Land mass in 318 times - almost 42 kilometers per second!


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2014-03-24 20:22:59
abaevsz46@cmai Here will help You to understand the "Coriolis Force". When we jump on the metro, not ustanavlivaem and continue to fly with the speed of the train. So the ship has inertia + adjustment of the trajectory of the gravitational field. I think the question was more about "Gravitational well".
2012-10-21 14:10:39
HUMAN FLIGHTS TO MARS,TO BRING. Abaev Solomon Zarbailov.
HUMAN FLIGHTS TO MARS,BRING - Abaev Solomon Zarbailov Abaev. May You know the options for life activity astronauts on Mars,but maybe not. If not - May be my scientific work: I would like to acquaint You with my proposal: currently, a well-developed technology docking send rockets into orbit. Remains will learn how to join the space cargo ships on the flight path to Mars. Let me explain more precisely: to Send astronauts to Mars and in watching them to send cargo ships with certain necessary intervals with a bit more acceleration,so caught up with the main tucked his food and neobhodimymi option is to First send cargo ships,and then catch up with them managed ship with astronauts to dock automatically and manually. Thus to prepare as much cargo rockets how much it will need to provide food to the necessary equipment and fuel for the trip and after refueling in flight trajectory when Markirovaniya rocket to Mars can be either the easiest option to ensure the necessary astronauts while in intervals of a month or more precisely with the necessary interval to send to Mars in a certain place of landing cargo ships and primaryservice them closer to the main..Abaev Solomon Zarbailov 2011.
2012-10-21 14:05:28
Assuming the Apparatus to run vertically and infinite height,the height at which the Earth will leave the "feet"of the system? that is, at what height will be a sharp mixture of the launch site regarding apparatii a similar example:I Will fly to the roof of the plane an-2 and assume no wind-how much will need to jump vertically up to samalut moved and went from under my feet?
2012-06-09 10:52:28
...To overcome the force of gravity and bring the spacecraft into Earth orbit, the rocket must fly at a speed of not less than 8 kilometers per second...
not at all. Launch from any speed. And that the device would not fell he needs to give the first space to the height at which it should rotate...
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