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What is a cubit?

A cubit is the length of the two scattered to the sides of the arms, i.e. the distance from the end of the fingers of one hand until the end fingers of the other when apart hands. This is a little more 2,13 meters. Polocaine - half of this length, elbow - 1/4 inch is 1/12, inch - 1/48. A fathom is equal to three yards.

There was also a unit of length, as oblique cubit is the distance from the fingers stretched up his hands to the foot of the opposite leg. This is the maximum distance that can measure people on yourself at one time without special tools. Slash the number of equal 2,48 m

With regard to the origin of the word "fathom", there are several versions on this account. According to one version, it comes from the verb "to Sagat" - to reach something, to miss, to achieve. According to another version, the name comes from the Slavic word "SAG" ("step").

Did you know that...

1. When about a man say "slash the number of shoulders, mean that he was broad-shouldered and tall - a real hero.

2. In Russia used a great many fathoms: vase, ground, coastal, great, sovereign, yard, land surveying, Cossack, kolovraty, Kosovo, peasant, bench, measuring (state), great bridge, a small, new, foot, printed, written, full, simple, manual, power, stepwise, customs, offices, walking, and humans and other...


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