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What is a bread crust?

Harmful or useful?

Fragrant Golden bread crust is formed due to the fact that of the outer layer of the dough when baking evaporates water. Of the water goes out, and the other part in the crumb as less heated substance. When this occurs the destruction of proteins. Breakdown products of proteins (amino acids) interact with sugars and form the substance of melanoidins, which give the crust brownish color. Brown the crust and give the products of caramelization of sugars, that is caramel.

Burnt corkBread peel, not only delicious, but also useful. It has found its use in folk medicine. For example, the crust was applied to the lips, so they are not lost freshness or if his lips are cracked. Crust of bread was given to children during teething: when the baby sucks and bites the crust, it has a calming effect on Portuguesa teeth, massaging the gums. Burnt crust of bread used as an antidote to food poisoning.

From bread crusts in Russia made a delicious brew.

Recently scientists have discovered that bread crust contains antioxidants - substances that prevent the damaging effects of free radicals on the cells. The antioxidants contained in the crust of bread, have the ability to prevent cancer (e.g. colon cancer) and atherosclerosis.

Of course, if the bread crust is burnt, nothing good about it. Burnt cork is the result of infringement of technology of baking bread. When burning in food are harmful substances, such as carcinogens. Why is their not worth it.


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very useful information
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why the crust of the bread during cooling winces
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