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The weather in some parts of the world can change on a daily basis. Another thing is the climate. For many years there are dry areas of deserts, covered with eternal ice of the polar regions, tropical rain forests, fertile pastures and valleys. Average natural conditions observed in a certain area for a certain period of time such as a month or a year, called climate.

The earth is encircled by a wide area with a similar climate. This climatic zone. You can divide the Earth into five main areas: the two polar (near the North and South poles), two moderate, one of which is the majority of European countries, and rain - on both sides of the equator.

In all these areas the climate depends on flora and fauna. Figure climatic zone is shown schematically as wide, encircling the whole Earth band. In fact, their boundaries are, and the land and the sea. The left shows the main plants growing in these areas, the right - animals that live there.

Climatic area
Climatic zones of the Earth,
and spread them in plants and animals.



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