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For the dangerous natural phenomena are tropical vortices, which in America is called a tornado, in the countries of the Pacific - typhoons, in the Bay of Bengal - cyclones, and in Australia - Willy-Willy.

They arise usually in late summer, when the sea and the air above it the most heated. The hot sun evaporates the huge mass of water. Moist air rises quickly. Flowing in his place cooler air from the periphery starts to rotate as the water goes to drain. A vortex appears similar to a giant funnel. In the center of it, in the so-called "eye of the hurricane" with a diameter of up to 35 km, continues the vertical ascent of warmed air, but there is absolutely windless, cloudless sky. Around the same "eye" with a deafening roar raging storm winds, the speed of which reaches 400 km/h the bandwidth occupied by the hurricane reaches 400-600 km

Reaching the coast, the hurricane causes enormous damage: root snatches the trees, destroying homes, distorts and knocks mast cable, flips and even flying cars. Not without casualties.

After a few days such a storm leaves the areas where there are the masses of warm, moist air that is necessary to maintain their power. On land it is usually quickly dies.

Now using aircraft observer, using radars and satellites tracked the path of these storms, in order to warn the population of the region, which he could threaten.

Vozniknovenie hurricane Hurricane in the suburbs Hurricane Isabel

When hurricane over the warm areas of the sea rising heated air. Moving along the Earth's surface, it begins to rotate. A vortex appears in the form of a large funnel.

Hurricane in the suburbs (2009)

Hurricane Isabel, the view from space (2003)

Hurricanes usually given names. This is done in order not to confuse them, especially when in the same area of the world there are several tropical cyclones. The names of hurricanes are needed in order to avoid misunderstandings when weather forecasting, storm alerts and warnings.

The basis for the modern system of naming hurricanes was the habit of the American military pilots during the Second world war to name hurricanes and typhoons names of their wives and girlfriends. This idea is loved by the meteorologists because of its simplicity and ease of memorization. And so it happened that these devastating natural phenomena are such a romantic and tender names, like Mary, Katrina, Rita, Camille...



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