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In frosty winter nights when the temperature drops below the freezing point of water (0°C), water droplets that evaporate from the surface of the soil, grass and trees, or snow cover, turn into a tiny, mostly needle, ice crystals, and earth envelops silver-glittering veil, which lies on the bushes and tree branches and electrical wires. Sometimes crystals of frost so thick cover of branches that break off under their weight.

The frost on the trees The frost on the branches Crystals of frost

The frost on the trees

The frost on the branches

Crystals of frost

It is possible also to create a frost, To do this we need tin, salt and crushed ice. Put into a jar and two cups of ice chips, a Cup of salt, again two glasses of ice, again salt and so on, After some time, the water droplets in the air, will cover the external walls of the banks into small ice crystals, and soon all of it will wear thin layer of frost. This migration of water molecules from a gaseous state into a solid (ice), bypassing the liquid (water), is called sublimation.


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