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If during the day the ground is heated by the sun and in the evening again is cooled, then is cooled and the air above its surface. Invisible particles of water are condensed in this air, and water droplets accumulate on the grass, the trees, the stones. This occurs most often in summer and autumn nights. Early in the morning you can see how sparkling drops of dew, lit by the rays of dawn. As soon as the air is warmer, the dew evaporates.

Dew drops on a spider web Dew drops on the leaves
Dew drops on a spider web Dew drops on the cuff


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2012-11-29 12:51:24
Conventional wisdom: the dew occurs when warm and very humid air enters at a sufficiently cold surface. And the temperature of this surface must be lower than the temperature at which water vapor present in the air, moving in the saturation state, begin to condense, the so - called "dew point"
Sparkling beads of morning dew on the lush green grass is a wonderful picture of the awakening day! But it is also a very effective therapeutic remedy for many diseases that Nature gives us!
2012-11-29 12:36:12
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