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What is the funicular?

The cable car is a vehicle that moves on rails. It is driven not by the locomotive as the train, and with the help of ropes. The cable cars are often used for transportation of passengers on a steep uphill for a short distance in the mountain resorts. But there are cable cars and in some cities.

Kiev funicular
Kiev funicular

Funicular cars moving through a steel cable, is rigidly associated with these cars. In the final paragraphs of this cable is folded over the winch and continuously wound on the reel driven by an electric motor. The motor is usually located at the top station.

Why these rails must be allowed regular trains? First, because the funicular, as mentioned above, is used for short distances. Secondly, trains cannot overcome steep slopes without additional mechanical traction or even a special mechanical means of clues, which prevents pilling train down.

The cable car also able to move on very steep slopes (slopes up to 35 degrees), using much less energy, and is therefore more economical and environmentally friendly mode of transport in such conditions. For the convenience of passengers cars cable cars are designed so that any inclination of the track the position of their gender remains close to horizontal.

There are different regimens device funiculars, but the most common is a two-car scheme. This funicular operates on the principle of dual Elevator: when one car ascends, the other descends to meet him.

Kiev funicular
The flow pattern of the two-car funicular

The device funicular close to the cable car. The difference lies in the fact that the trams traction on the cable going to the cable without touching the ground:

Kiev ropeway Cable car in Grenoble

The funicular takes a lot of time on the entrance and exit of passengers and moves rather slowly to 3 meters per second, or 180 meters per minute. Bandwidth passenger funicular does not exceed 600 in 1 h (for comparison: the cable car up to 2000 people per hour). Therefore, the cable cars are of limited use, but thanks to these features, are used not only as a means for transportation of passengers. but as a peculiar attraction.


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