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What is Greenpeace?

Greenpeace (Green Peace) translates to English as "green world". The so-called independent international environmental organization, branches of which have already been opened in many countries of the world.

Greenpeace fights against pollution of the World ocean radioactive waste, against the felling of valuable trees in the Siberian taiga, against nuclear weapons tests at the atolls of the Pacific, against whaling, which in some countries is still profitable source of income. Activists Greenpeace can be seen everywhere - in all the "points", where affected environment.

But Greenpeace is not the only environmental organization in the world. In many States, especially in Europe, the greens are in great support of the population. Environmentalists 'sit in Parliament and hold laws prohibiting barbaric attitude to nature. "Green" often appear in the media with sharp materials that attract people's attention to a particular environmental problem. They do a lot of educational work; organize pickets and demonstrations, if the environment requires urgent protection.


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