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What is the greenhouse effect?

On our climate is greatly influenced by carbon dioxide (carbonic acid), which is part of the atmosphere. Molecules of carbon dioxide miss the main part of the Solar radiation, but absorb a significant amount of long-wave radiation of the Earth itself. This phenomenon is known as the greenhouse effect. And in greenhouses glass frame is practically not prevent the penetration of solar radiation, but at the same time retain heat emanating from the ground. As a result, in this structure, the air temperature rises and the fruits ripen faster.

On Earth, the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere has steadily increased and, respectively, progressing the greenhouse effect. The increase in the temperature evenly. In polar regions, it is likely the most intensive than the average for the planet. Such climate change may cause rapid melting of ice and rising Global sea level. If its level will increase by 5-7 meters, large areas of land will be flooded.

Greenhouse effect contributes not only to the increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but also cutting down forests, which absorb carbon dioxide.

According to environmentalists, the heating of the inner layers of the atmosphere is one of the most serious problems facing humanity.


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