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What is forty times?

To count even some animals. For example, the crow, according to ornithologists, is able to count to seven, and even nine. Raven realizes that seven cherries more than six. But a bunch of ten and eleven cherries for her the same.

People at the dawn of civilization in numeracy was inferior to modern ravens. They were distinguished from each other sovokupnosti or three subjects. About more items, they simply said "a Lot". But it was only the germ of an account. Then there were words to describe the concepts of "four", "five", "six".

"Seven" has long remained the largest number. It has therefore been defined and indefinitely large number. The memory of this era were preserved and some Proverbs. For example, "measure twice - cut once", "Seven woes one answer, "seven nurses - a child without an eye.

But soon these numbers was not enough.

To empower account people enjoyed the surrounding objects as tools: notches on sticks and trees, the nodes on the ropes, folded in piles of stones, etc., But the most important natural tool account of human fingers, they were always there and is distinguished by great mobility. Numbers have not yet had names, it was possible to show with their fingers. Naturally, newly emerging name numbers were often built on the basis of the number 10 is the number of fingers. Sometimes such basis as was the number 5 is the number of fingers on one hand or the top 20 by the number of fingers and toes.

Increasing the number of numbers used by the people, was very slow. Especially long period went on "overcoming" the first dozen. Thus, the number 40 has long been the limit of the account. The same word was called and an indefinitely large number. In Russian the word "fortyfoot" makes sense "manylegs", and the expression "forty times" means the number that surpasses all imagination.

Development account did not stop there, he has achieved the following important limit: ten tens. Appeared in the top 100, which changed the number 40 in place indefinitely large number. This is the meaning it has, for example, in the puzzle: is pop in is low, it is a hundred Rizak (cabbage). Subsequently, the number 100 is replaced by the number 1 000, then 10 thousand (in the old days it was called "darkness"), a million and so on

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2013-12-04 03:22:04
thank you
2013-03-01 19:58:48
thank you cognitive.
2012-02-08 08:53:15
Forty times in the universal scale of this is forty in the fortieth degree. This is the size with the plus sign applies in a big way (planetary systems around stars as analogues of storeany atoms), and the minus sign (real atoms and molecules) And the distribution of this ratio in the and the other side is infinite, as infinite universe.
2011-12-08 06:08:17
Our Ancestors were sacred numbers: 3, 4, 7, 9, 16, 33, 40, 108, 144, 369. We still use these numbers: at the age of 16 receive a passport on the 9-th and 40-th day to remember the dead, etc., our Ancestors were 9 parts of the world. If each of them divided into 40 parts, you get a circle of 360 degrees, which we use now.

Each day was divided into 16 hours, each hour contains 144 pieces, each piece was 1296 shares, each share is 72 moments, each moment 760 MiGs, in every moment - 160 whitefish.

In order to understand what the values operated on by our Ancestors, it is enough to cite one simple example: one of the most small particles of time in the Slavonic-Aryan peoples were called "whitefish". Portrayed she Rune in the form of lightning. The most rapid movement from one place to another was estimated at Cisco. Hence old Russian expressions like "jump", "signout".

What is 1 whitefish, in modern units of time? The response makes us think of any: in one second contains 300244992 whitefish, and 1 whitefish approximately 30 oscillations of electromagnetic waves of cesium atom, the basis for modern atomic clocks (or about 1/300 billion a fraction of a second). Why our Ancestors needed such small quantities? The answer is simple - for the measurement of ultrafast processes. Thus, the ancient expression "jump", "Chanute" in modern language can only mean "teleport".

And the largest value of the distance "far distance" equal to about 1.4 light years. It is obvious that such units of length were used only to describe distances to other star systems. Similarly, the greatest period of time "Svarog Circle was equal to the period of precession of the earth axis 25 920 years, which somehow goes unnoticed by his contemporaries, who used to live by the scale of a human life and not the time scales of Mankind and glacial periods. One Summer includes 9 months, month - 41 or 40 days (depending on how odd it or even), day - 16 hours hours - 144 part, part - 1296 share, share -72 moments, moment - 760 MiG, MiG - 160 whitefish, whitefish - 1400 santigo. Thus, the } 0,003305 seconds. Such precision is unattainable even with the most sophisticated modern timepieces. What she needed was the ancient Slavs, we, their descendants, can only guess.
And you say to 7 barely learned to count. You raised the wits and our children the same will.

What is forty times?

Seven months (in ancient time) hatched the mother of the child in the womb and forty times (months) then feeding him breast milk.

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