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The magnetic field is the region around a magnetin which there is a magnet on external objects.

The human senses are not able to see the magnetic field, but assistive devices prove that the magnetic field exists.

Put on paper the iron shavings and in the middle of the paper put a magnetic bar. The chips will move, forming an arc around the poles of a magnet. The picture that forms a chip is the drawing of lines of the magnetic field of the magnetic bar.

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Our Land surrounds the magnetic field. It has always been, at least since the emergence of the Earth. And all that is on Earth, including people, animals and plants, are exposed to an invisible force lines of this field. But, at the same time, the human body has its own magnetic field resulting from the flow of blood through the vessels. In different organs it may be different. In a healthy body and under normal conditions there is full compliance and interaction of internal and external magnetic fields.

Magnetism is equally necessary to all living things, such as water, air, food, or sunlight. Its impact on the earth's magnetism has the Sun.

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