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rainbowPeople have long pondered the nature of this beautiful natural phenomena. Humanity has linked the rainbow with many superstitions and legends. In Greek mythology, for example, the rainbow is the road between heaven and earth, walked messenger between the world of the gods and the world of people Irida. In China believed that the rainbow is a celestial dragon, the Union of Heaven and Earth. In Slavic myths and legends of the rainbow was considered a magical heavenly bridge from heaven to earth, dear, on which the angels descend from heaven to draw water from rivers. This water they poured into the clouds and from there it drops of life-giving rain.

Superstitious people believed that the rainbow is a bad sign. They believed that the souls of the dead pass into the world beyond the rainbow, and if there was a rainbow, it means someone's death is near.

Rainbow also appears in many folk superstitions associated with predicting the weather. For example, rainbow high and steep bodes well for the weather, and low and gentle - bad.

Where does the rainbow?

Please note that the rainbow can be observed just before the rain or after it. And only if simultaneously with the rain through the clouds the sun shines through. What happens? The Sun's rays pass through the droplets of rain. And each such drop works like a prism. That is, it divides the white light of the Sun on its components - rays of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple . Moreover, droplets of different reject light of different colors, resulting in white light is decomposed into a multi-colored stripe, which is called the spectrum.

Refraction of light passing through the prism.
Note that rays of different colors out of the prism at different angles.

Rainbow and has a huge curved spectrum. For an observer on the earth rainbow usually looks like the arc is part of a circle, And the higher is the observer, the rainbow better. With mountain or aircraft can be seen and full circle! Why do rainbows form of an arc?

You can see a rainbow only if you are strictly between the sun (it should be back) and rain (it should be in front of you). Otherwise rainbow not to see!

Sometimes you can see another, less bright rainbow around the first. It is a secondary rainbow, in which the light is reflected in a drop of two times. In the secondary rainbow "reverse" the order of the colors on the outside is purple, and inside red:

The secondary rainbow
The secondary rainbow

To remember the sequence of colors in the rainbow or spectrum) there is a special simple phrases in the first two letters correspond to the first letters of the names of flowers:

  • ToAK Aboutne WAK-Cvonar Giloveu Withbroke F.Onar.
  • Toeach Ofkotnik Weleet Coff Dde WithEdith fazan.

Remember them and you can easily at any the howling will be able to draw a rainbow!

(!) The first who explained the nature of the rainbow was Aristotle. He determined that "a rainbow is an optical phenomenon, not a material object.


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