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In the world there are about 2 thousand Botanical gardens. They are called living collections, because here you can find a variety of plants that occur on our planet. In the Botanical gardens of Europe and North America contains about 5 million specimens of flora.

The question is, why do you have to collect in one place that just grows on our planet? The Botanical garden was created not only to delight the eyes of its visitors. Most of these gardens POI supposed scientific institutions, universities and museums. Here there's a lot of research, scientists breed new varieties of plants, try to keep and to breed rare animals under threat of extinction. Of great importance and educational work carried out by the Botanical gardens. Fans can see the flora of different countries. Botanical gardens are trained students-biologists, agronomists, geographers.

The word "algebra" comes from the Greek "botana", which means "green", "grass", "plant". Botany as a science undertaking a comprehensive study of plants and combines all modern knowledge about them. It examines the external and internal structure of plants, the laws of their activity. In addition, botany studies the space distribution of plants on Earth, explores the relationship of plants with each other and with the surrounding natural environment.



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