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What is ivory?

What we used to call ivory is not bone, and teeth of elephant tusks. They are very heavy pair of tusks weighing about 230 pounds, and their length reaches 3 meters. Even such a powerful and strong animal, like an elephant, not easy to wear similar severity. So in the herd is "slave", in which he puts his tusks to rest.

Ivory is a very valuable material of which do different things and crafts. At all times elephant tusks valued so highly that for them people were ruthlessly exterminated elephants. Elephant hunting has grown to such dimensions that in Africa there is a state called the Ivory Coast (côte d'ivoire). Now elephants are protected by the state and the law severely punishes the poachers.

The tusks of the elephant Chess ivory
The tusks of the elephant Chess ivory



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2014-05-22 21:16:30
super thanks
2013-08-24 15:19:37
Lol, 230 kg! 20 kg - very good trophy, and the mass of the largest tusks 225kg
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