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Who are amphibians?

Sticky tongue frogs helps her to hunt nasekomykhAmphibians, or reptiles, is cold-blooded animals that can live in water and on land. Most of them first breathes with gills, and then, in adulthood, goes to pulmonary respiration.

For amphibians include frogs and toads, salamanders, newts and curvage.

About 300 million years ago amphibians were the first vertebrate left the aquatic environment and may become companions of the terrestrial environment.

All amphibians have smooth, thin skin, permeable to liquids and gases. The skin of amphibians is an additional organ of respiration. It is rich in skin glands that produce mucus. Some amphibians mucus can be poisonous.

All amphibians - hunters. His bulging eyes they stalk prey. Some frogs and salamanders long tongue with sticky tip that they can dramatically throw and capture them insects. They swallow the prey whole.


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