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The Portuguese ship Portuguese ship (Visalia) got its name from the brightly colored swim bladder, which is reminiscent of a sail medieval Portuguese vessel. Its name from the Portuguese ship" got in the XV century.

Although Portuguese ship close relative of the jellyfish, it is not a true jellyfish. Visalia belong to a very primitive, but very interesting invertebrate organisms - siphonophora.

From the "sails", which is called pneumatophores, hanging down a relatively short piscevaritelnoj bodies - Gastropoda, and among their thick fringe go down the spiral trailing tentacles - dactylonomy. Their sizes often reach 30 meters!

Painted Visalia very clearly: sail-pneumatophore gloss blue, violet and purple flowers and long dactylonomy - ultramarine, and to see them in the water very difficult.

The Portuguese shipLike corals, these animals live in colonies. The spectacle of floating on water colorful flotila impressive, but if you happen to see her in the sea, immediately run out of the water! If among the relatives of Fizuli - dangerous jellyfish are just some of Visalia - toxic all as one.

For a person meeting with the Portuguese ship generally not fatal but can have very unpleasant consequences. Swelling of the hands or feet, numbness, burning, pain... Worse, if this thread gets along spine - even temporary paralysis in the water can end tragically.

Poison Fizuli very stable during drying and freezing it does not lose its properties. If the skin gets even dried tentacle - irritation, allergic reaction and just a lot of unpleasant sensations provided. Usually Visalia get to the shore as a result of severe storms, often hundreds of washes up on the beaches. In this lies one of the dangers. The boats are then killed, but their tentacles dry instantly and easily carries the wind. He has even been called "purple wind". In 1974, in Philadelphia, about 400 people have suffered from this phenomenon. Therefore, when the ships brings over to the shore, TV, radio and print warn the population about the danger.


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