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What is enamel?

In jewelry this word is called the enamel, which is a blend of glass and bright metal oxides, which cause the expensive precious metals. In ancient times this technique was known in Crete, Egypt, Greece and Byzantium, but a special development in Venice. The word "enamel" it was called in Greek, which translates as "shining stone", where the word was included in the other languages. In Russia, this jewelry technique developed since the eighteenth century, especially in Rostov Veliky. Now colored enamel is applied on the basis of alloys of copper and silver, why the finished product is especially colorful.


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2012-05-16 22:42:14
Well Vologda (Usol) older and ancient Rostov will be.
2012-04-13 07:45:47
damn admins thank you rescued хD D/C so thank you again))0
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