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What is the stone age?

The ancient period of human development lasted a very long time - several hundred thousand years. During this time, mankind has experienced 3 stages of development, which scientists call the stone, bronze and iron ages. The stone age was the longest in the development of mankind. The first guns people were bone fragments, sharp sticks and roughly hewn stones. The stone turned out to be more durable than other materials, and with 2.5 million years ago to the 5th Millennium BC stone dominated the human technique. That is why this period archaeologists called the stone age

It is divided into the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic.

During the Paleolithic (and it lasted until the tenth Millennium BC) man was an integral part of nature. He lived in a tribe, for housing used caves, hunted small animals, birds, were engaged in gathering edible plants. Tools (scrapers and knives) he was made of solid rock: flint, obsidian and quartzite.

Rock drawing title=In the Mesolithic (it lasted from X to VI Millennium BC) man and his lifestyle has changed dramatically. Collapsed tribe, people began to live by tribal community, at the head of which stood the most experienced, senior members. People left the cave and began to build homes out of wood and stone. At the same time there was art on the walls of caves and began to draw animals and people. The man was born of the sense of beauty: he began to adorn themselves using gold nuggets found in river sand. Changed and a method of manufacturing stone tools and weapons. Appeared microliths - small stone tools: sharp stone knives, sharp arrowheads and spears.

With the onset of the Neolithic (covers the period from the eighth to the III Millennium BC) the person has learned how to grind and Polish stone tools, as well as making things from clay crockery, utensils.


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