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What is a tsunami?

Tsunami in Japanese means "big wave in the Harbor ". Emerging tsunami on the sea or ocean bottom, as a result of strong earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

In the submarine disasters water masses are set in motion and begin to sway. Produced huge waves from the center of the occurrence of spread in all directions. In the open ocean at great depths, they are invisible and reach a height of about one meter. Floating above them to the courts they are not harmful. Closer to shore the waves slow down their movement, and the water rises to a great height. The steeper the Bank, the higher the waves.

First, as with a strong tide, the water rolled back from the shore, exposing the bottom for several miles. Then a huge wave comes back in seconds, sweeping away everything in its path. Its height can reach 60 meters and a speed of 90 kilometers per hour.

The highest tsunamis occur in the Pacific basin. They are able to penetrate a kilometer deep into the coast. Most often their invasion are Japanese, Aleut, Filipino, Hawaiian, Kuril Islands and part of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

People today are not so helpless before the tsunami, as before. Special stations monitor the slightest seismic vibrations that can cause waves. All measurement data are transmitted to the Central computer and analyzed. All areas at risk, will be notified in advance. Warned people have to leave their homes and take refuge in safer places.

The largest tsunami of modernity took place in 2004 in Thailand as a result of powerful underwater earthquake in the Indian ocean. This earthquake killed more than 300 thousand people in South-East Asia. Millions of people were left homeless.


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