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What are tides?

He who lives by the ocean or sea, can observe the phenomenon of ebb and flow. 2 times a day the ocean comes ashore, then gradually moves back.

Blame the Moon. The moon and the Earth are attracted to each other. The moon is so strong that under its influence the water of the oceans and bend it to meet her. But the Moon is not in place, it revolves around the Earth, and with it moves and tidal wave. Close the Moon is to the beach - the tide comes in, it will be deleted after it goes away from the shore and water.

The maximum water level (during high tide) is full of water, and the minimum (at low tide) - shallow water.

The water rises on the side of the Earth facing the moon, and on the opposite side, forming a tidal ledges. There that there is excess water. Due to this, at the same time decreases the water level in the points of Land which is at right angles to the points of the tide - here comes the tide.


The tides

Why bulges in the oceans formed two? Gravitational flow from the moon pulls the oceans of the Earth in an ellipse with the Earth at the center. The effect takes the form of two convex raised sea levels relative to the Earth; one closest to the moon and one farthest from it.

By the way, the Sun also causes tides, it also attracts the Earth. But due to the fact that the Sun is much further away from Earth, tidal forces of the Sun is less than the tidal forces of the moon in 2.2 times.


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I agree with Vladimir, the most important thing is not explained
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Stupid. From what gravitational flow of the second hump, cast from the moon?
Wrong picture: this circular trajectory of the moon is visible only with poles, and then given a view from the equator.
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Excellent article, just for kids when explained, everything is clear
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I would like to see exactly when are tides (night?), and when the tides (morning?)

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