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Sea cock is a fish that flies and kukarekaet!

Sea cock belongs to the family of fishes of fishes unit. Lives in the Black and Mediterranean sea and in the Atlantic. He wanders through the bottom of the sea, as on the legs, finger-pelvic fins with rays-shoots. Its beautiful pectoral fins like 2 fans and painted in red, orange and blue. Crawling along the bottom, cock prey on crustaceans, shells and jellyfish.

The appearance of sea cock at all strange: the muzzle is tapered, with serving a bifurcated upper lip and Dolny large forehead; sides - two lines of thorns.

Sea cock - predatory fish. And hunting sea cock. It lies on the bottom or under the algae, often on their border with clean water and waits scratching in the sand fish red mullet or satawalese shrimp is a favorite delicacy of the cock. Noticing the gaping fish, he quickly rushes forward. Here's the rescue of his "feet": with them he makes the jump, pushing off from the bottom. After eating, cock resting in a thicket of weeds.

With the help of his fins he can not only fly, but fly! Quiet warm evenings cock loves to "drive" fish trifle sharply, jumping out of the water. Dissolving the huge fins, wings, serving him for gliding flight, it flies in search of prey over the sea surface. Flying 15-20 meters, he flops into the water, kicking up clouds of spray.

Sea cock and know how to crow. He "sings" all year round, uttering sounds similar to crucenia, grunt or snoring.

Sea cock

Sea cock


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2014-01-08 13:30:49
I liked this fish because it is flying.
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