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Seahorse - funny marine species, which you've probably seen at least in the pictures. He moves in vertikalno position. Together with close relatives - sea eagle seahorses form a family of spiny fish.

The seahorses no scales like other fish. On top of the body of the seahorse is covered with bony armor that protects him from dangers. This shell is so hard that you will not be able to crush the hands even of dry dead horse. This durable skeleton makes seahorse invulnerable to predators, so this fish is usually no one touches.

The head of the seahorse can move up or down, but cannot be rotated in the hand. But his eyes can move independently from each other, at the same time watching what is happening in different directions from him.

Seahorses can change its color under the surrounding background from very bright to almost white. In some species of seahorses mimicry* brought to perfection. This fish if it is hidden, it is difficult to distinguish from algae.

But the most incredible feature of the seahorse is what gives birth to cubs... dad! About this scientist became known only in the last century. At the base of the abdomen of the male seahorse, where there is no protective shell, there is a large leathery pocket and slit-like hole. The female lays eggs in his pocket, until it is completely filled, and placed in it can more than 600 eggs. The internal floor of the pocket is like a sponge filled with blood vessels that play vazou role in the diet of eggs.

After 1-2 months, the male gives birth to tiny tots - an exact copy of adults. Little skate is forced through the hole until until the bag is empty. Sometimes the male is experiencing very strong contractions to push out the last Hatchling!

Newborn seahorses are not called "sea stallions", but just "kids".

* Mimicry - the ability of some plants and animals using shapes and colors to masquerade as the environment.



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2014-05-22 21:19:46
Damn...And I scored WHY seahorses are called seahorse...
2014-02-17 11:42:27
well figovenko like that. primitive even, so to speak.
2013-12-21 15:06:48
student decisive examples
2013-12-19 20:14:12
tomorrow I'm K.R. math I just examples to solve
2013-05-26 14:56:12
Looking for information. Looking for looking for, but for 2 classes is quite difficult. went to the site, and now I found it!! For 2 classes the most!!
Tikhonov Polina
2011-02-21 04:46:16
Cool I love seahorses.
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