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What is dangerous pale grebe?

Pale grebe title=Pale grebe is just as terrible in its action poisonous mushroom, how cunning. The thing is that, if ingested, pale grebe long time doing his dirty work quietly. The first signs of poisoning may even occur through a day or more, when the poison has taken effect and save the patient was already too late and useless. One can only hope that the dose of poison were below lethal. A man begins cramps in the abdomen, there are headache, thirst, vomiting, weakness. Then comes the apparent improvement that lasts 2-4 days. Actually at this time the destructive effects of toxins fungus continues. After a period of false prosperity" appear severe pain in the stomach and bowels, jaundice (yellowing of the skin), the person loses consciousness and dies within 10 days after the fatal meal.

For poisoning enough to eat 30 grams is a third or half of one fungus (according to some, fatal dose of 1 gram of mushroom per 1 kg of live weight). Death occurs in 90% of cases, but even if the person is lucky and he ate a small amount, the recovery is very slow and the consequences of poisoning often make themselves felt until the end of life.

The pale mushroom is poisonous not only fruiting body and spores. The poison of russule not destroyed by heat treatment, i.e. cooking and frying.

Toxins of russule is amanitine and phalloidine, destructive, mainly liver cells. In addition, they damage the cells of the Central nervous system, blood vessels, kidneys, spleen, heart muscle. Death occurs from toxic hepatitis, hepatic, renal and heart failure.


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2014-03-13 23:10:03
2014-02-12 20:00:43
and if after took the pale grebe and washed my hands and then ate a cookie the poison acts?
2013-12-08 22:12:35
Anya Yes
2013-09-18 14:53:15
and if, after he took the pale grebe, and then accidentally licked his hands, the poison acts??
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