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What to do if you broke a mercury thermometer?

Broken mercury thermometer From a broken thermometer stems liquid mercury, which has the property to evaporate at room temperature. And mercury vapor are the strongest poison. Mercury from a broken thermometer when the strike is broken into small droplets and scattered throughout the room. It easily penetrates into the cracks of the floors, in the gap under the skirting boards, stuck in the pile of carpets. Gradually evaporating, it poisons the air. If the person is breathing this air, mercury accumulates in the body - the kidneys, liver, the brain and the person develops chronic mercury intoxication. It is manifested by dermatitis, stomatitis, salivation, metallic taste in the mouth, diarrhea, headaches, depressed condition, renal disease, trembling of hands, feet and whole body. Mercury affects the nervous system, and its long exposure may cause insanity.

So, if you have a house broken thermometer, an urgent need to take measures to remove mercury. The first thing you need to withdraw from the room all the people who will not participate in the cleaning of the room, and animals. It is especially important to bring young children, who are immediately interested in beautiful silver balls and can swallow.

MercuryNext it is best to call the experts from the MOE (phone number - 101).

It is real and their own efforts to clear the room from mercury. The event even has a special term - demercurization. The origin of this complex term just - in Western European languages mercury is called Merkury after the Roman God mercury.

First of all, you need to start airing to open all the Windows. Thoroughly ventilate the room you need and in the next 5-7 days. And doors leading into other rooms on the excavations for the removal of mercury should be close to mercury vapor has not spread through the apartment. But in any case, avoid drafts, otherwise the mercury balls will scatter throughout the room, many of them will be broken into small mercury dust that will settle on the walls and furniture.

Then you must collect the mercury beads. Before the hands need to wear rubber gloves, feet Shoe covers or regular plastic bags. The nose and mouth close wet gauze.

Important! In any case cannot be used for collection of mercury vacuum cleaner! Although some argue that the cleaner can be used, but then it will have to be thrown out. This option is also unacceptable, and there are three reasons.

First, during operation of the vacuum cleaner is heated, and thereby enhances the evaporation of mercury.

Secondly, the air passes through the motor of the vacuum cleaner, and engine parts made of nonferrous metals, mercury is formed, the film - amalgam. This vacuum cleaner becomes a distributor of mercury vapor, including in a landfill.

Thirdly, from the back exit of the vacuum cleaner microcephaly mercury disperse air throughout the apartment.

No need to roll mercury balls on the floor or collect them in one drop! Not pegmatite mercury twigs: twigs will only crushed the poisonous bulbs in small mercury dust.

Mercury is best to collect the most conventional syringe. You can use paper towels soaked sunflower oil, water-soaked newspaper drops of mercury will stick to them. Mercury adheres to the adhesive tape, adhesive tape, copper wire or cotton balls moistened with water. You can collect mercury droplets on a sheet of paper with a soft brush or another piece of paper. Special attention should be paid to cracks and baseboards.

If mercury gets on the carpet, first of all need to turn from the edge to the center so that the balls of mercury are not scattered around the room. The carpet is preferably placed in a plastic bag or plastic wrap, also from the periphery to the center. Then place it outside. There needs to post, but before you put underneath the cellophane film, so that the mercury did not polluted soil. Next slack blows you need to beat the carpet and let it air out.

Things and carpets, which got mercury, it is necessary to ventilate three months. You cannot wash your clothes and shoes in contact with the mercury in the washing machine. And best of all these clothes to throw away.

The collected mercury together with the remnants of the thermometer should be put in a glass jar with water and cover it with a lid. Mercury cannot be disposed of in the garbage chute, into drains or the toilet, shake out from the balcony does not pollute the environment! 2 grams of mercury contained in one thermometer can contaminate 6 000 m3 of air! The collected mercury and the objects with which it was collected (the syringe, rags, brushes, etc.,) should be deposited in the emergency medical services (MES).

Drops of mercuryOnce you have collected all visible to the eye balls of mercury, the room can still be microcephalic poisonous metal. So after mechanical harvesting of mercury need to spend another chemical treatment. For this you need to wash the walls and floors with a solution of any detergent that contains chlorine solution of bleach, bleach, etc., also Suitable solution of potassium permanganate or soap solution.

There are tips to handle mercury spills ferric chloride, but needed to be used very carefully, because ferric chloride is also toxic. In addition, you need to be prepared for the fact that in the areas of processing will remain indelible stains.

The collection of particles of mercury from a broken thermometer can take several hours. For security purposes and the exclusion of mercury vapor poisoning, every 10-15 minutes to do a break and go out for fresh air. After all the procedures, the liquidator of a small mercury accident to prevent poisoning need to drink more liquid, as mercury is excreted through the kidneys.

To be completely certain that the room is cleared, you can invite experts (for example, from the sanitary and epidemiological service) to verify the concentration of mercury vapor in the room.

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2014-06-15 07:18:52
I broke the thermometer a few months ago threw away the frustration in the tank
from under the debris, he was taken to the dump what to do
2014-06-10 16:35:52
Broke the thermometer, I thought mercury was not leaking, but remained in its place. But later on looking closer I saw on the table a silver balls, with the fright brought them together with tape, and then wiped the table with a soap solution! But I'm scared, I'm afraid that mercury had time to evaporate and contaminate air, and if these balls not only on the table and throughout the room, as I find them?????
2014-05-13 18:13:49
I broke the thermometer(((((
2014-05-02 22:54:03
Hi!I took the broken thermometer and was thrown out of the window but I don't know what happened to him!!!!!
2014-05-01 11:37:32
I was lucky. The mercury remained in the beginning of the tube and not leaked out. But, in any case, the thermometer was pickled.
2014-04-22 23:44:24
What will happen if mercury to collect your bare hands?
2014-04-22 18:44:56
Broke the thermometer. Without reading what to do, began to collect the mercury with a piece of tape. When assembled, carefully wrapped the tape with mercury rags unnecessary and threw. And then made perhaps the most terrible... did the Vacuuming and washed the bedspread where he saw drops of mercury. I removed before washing, but... the Nightmare will happen to me now, Yes?
2014-03-24 13:07:33
Can vinegar where broke a mercury thermometer? And is it possible to wash clothes in contact with the pairs in vinegar?
2014-03-22 13:20:11
in my house the thermometer broke! I didn't know what to do and found in the Internet how to remove mercury. it was certainly scary to take mercury rag, but I overcame my fear and did it!
2014-03-15 11:28:30
My friends on the site burned in the fire hiragana that mercury is harmful,went to chapoton came pemotretan glass luicia mercury neponimala and Osler remember and scary.

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